Connect Groups are a way we grow in our faith and mature as followers of Christ at Oasis. Connect Groups consist of 12-15 people who meet together in homes, coffee shops, and parks throughout the week.  We offer several different types of Connect Groups – Outreach Groups, Activity Groups, Bible Study Groups, Group Courses and Celebrate Recovery.

Let’s face it – life is tough and challenging – full of decisions we have to make, obstacles we have to face, and all kinds of other stuff. The best thing you can do is be in a Connect Group to help you establish Christ-centered friendships and learn more about the Bible.

We have three Connect Group Seasons each year – Fall, Spring & Summer. We have sign ups during the months of January (Spring Connect Groups), May (Summer Connect Groups), and August (Fall Connect Groups).


We offer Group Courses in finances, pre-marital and marriage enrichment and spiritual growth. Part class, part Connect Group – Group Courses are a great way to get practical insight and Biblical wisdom for very specific areas of your life. Childcare is provided for Group Courses.


There are FOUR easy ways to sign up for a Connect Group or Group Course.

1.  Sign up on a Connect Card and place it in an offering container on Sunday.

2. Sign up at the Info Center in the Underground.

3.  Email and include the group leader name and your contact info in your correspondence.

4. Sign up on the City. Click on the Groups tab on the left hand side of your city profile, and then click GROUP SEARCH.

NOTE: If you do not have an account on the City, click here, and then click on NEED AN ACCOUNT.