Serve Day

Saturday May 18th 2019 10am-12pm LA Outreach

Oasis Church is committed to serving our families, community, and city in 2019! One way we are doing this is by hosting Serve Days where everyone can come together, be a presence in the communities of Koreatown and San Fernando Valley, and share the love of Christ with all.

Serve Days are all about the family of Oasis extending throughout the community by giving back and serving those around us. We’ll be hosting Community Events in various locations throughout the year, and they are all FREE and open to everyone.

Kids are welcome at all our events. In fact, families are encouraged to serve together! Check back here for more upcoming events throughout the year.

This month, we will meet in the Underground at Oasis and then visit local laundromats and coffee shops to help people wash their clothes and buy coffees, as we spend time with and get to know our community.

FREE parking!

Families and children are welcome.

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