Worship + Production


At Oasis, our Creative Team believes in the importance of operating as One Team that serves our church as a whole - this includes: Band, Vocals, Production, Audio/Visual, and Kids Worship.


By auditioning for this team, you are committing to being One Team and serving in all areas of our team. We are not just made up of the platform, in fact the platform is our last expression of Worship.

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If you are interested in joining our BAND and/or VOCAL teams, please the take time to fill out our virtual audition form.

*Currently, priority is being given to guitarists, male vocalists, and keys players.


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As part of our commitment to being One Team that serves all areas of our church, our Production Team believes that there really is a place for everyone within our team!

This team currently encompasses the following positions every Sunday: Camera Operators, Photographers, Videographers, Audio, Lighting, Lyrics Operators, Stage Hands, Live Video Directors and Service Directors.

If you are interested in joining our PRODUCTION team, please take time to fill out our interest form.

*Currently, priority is being given to experienced audio and camera operators, but all positions are available!

**Prior experience is preferred, but not necessary as we are able to train for most positions!


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Please direct any questions that you have about our Oasis Creative Teams to info@oasisla.org, and someone from our team will be in contact ASAP